Admission Policy

Admission Policy


Here are some improtant things you need to do before completing this form:

1. There will be six days of class (i.e. from Monday to Saturday). Classes will start from 8:30 am and end at 3:45 pm. School will remain open on 2nd and 4th Saturdays of every month.
2. Students have to wear school uniform (Black Shoes, black belt and ID card) in the school daily.

3. School fees should be submitted within the due date of every month. After the due date (i.e. 10th), Rs.10/- would be charged per day as extra fine for depositing the monthly fees.
4. No arrangement of bus cards would be made by the school.
5. Admission fees and other monthly fees are non-refundable. Even if a student drops back from the course it won’t be refunded.
6. Trades cannot be interchanged after getting admission in a particular trade.
7. 80% of attendance is compulsory before Annual Exam. If attendance of a student is found below 80% and Hall Ticket is not issued from DGT (NCVT), Institute would not take any responsibility.
8. Mobile or cell phones are not allowed in school campus. If a student is found with a mobile phone inside the school campus during school hours, Rs. 1000/- would be fined from him/her.
9. Strict measures would be taken if any kind of intoxicants or other addictive substances are found with the students. He/she violating this rule can end up getting T.C. without any kind of consideration.
10. Presence of the guardian is must whenever the school authority demands for it.
11. No extra holidays would be given other than those mentioned in the school calendar provided to the students.
12. Management will not be responsible for any misbehavior or mishappening of the students outside the campus.
13. The school would only provide campus interview for every student. No assurance of job is provided by the school authority.

14. No half day leave is allowed from school without prior approval of the Parent's / Guardian's.